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Introduction to Pyved Engine

The Pyved engine, or PYV for short,

is the name of a game engine fully written in python.

PYV is more or lesse a wrapper around the popular pygame library.

If you have some prior experience developing games with pygame, transitioning to PYV should be quick and relatively easy.

Why PYV?

Confusion appears to exist within the community regarding the differentiation between a Python package, and a game engine.

It's crucial to understand that although Pygame functions as a regular Python package/library, it doesn't provide the extensive array of features present in a specialized 2D game engine!

Consequently, it might not satisfy all the prerequisites essential for the development of a fully-realized game.

With PYV we wish to create a new standard for python game development, adding new features and possibilities.

Our ultimate goals

  • The primary goal of PYV is to elevate the accessibility, learnability, and overall experience of Python game development to new heights.

  • In the long-term, with PYV we aspire to elevate Python game development by ensuring it becomes easier to use, easier to learn, reliable and a source of economic growth for many individuals.

How to accomplish this? By definiing many useful features as described in the next section.

Engine features

The game engine comes packed with a ton of features:

  • Design pattern (Such as : ECS, Mediator and MVC)
  • Event queue (simplifies the use of patterns such as: Mediator, the MVC pattern)
  • Gamestate stack, state management via events
  • Simple GUI creation: buttons, checkboxes, etc.
  • Tileset loading, sprite animation
  • Tilemap parser (based on .tmx or .tsj file formats)
  • Mathematical tools: matrices ; vectors ; gradient noise functions (->procedural generation)
  • Helper classes for multiple types of games : Roguelike, RPG games, Card games (Poker, Blackjack ...).
  • Helper classes for adding artificial opponents/intelligent entities (NPCs) to your game
  • Isometric 3D game engine
  • Ease of distribution (Our platform KataGames will help deploy the game and make it playable through a browser in seconds)

...And this is only the beginning.

More features will be available soon.

Game examples

You can checkout other examples of the games we did in the Showcase page

An architecture for your game

We mentioned design patterns before. In the context of pyv, you can select one out of three design patterns:

Please go to the dedicated page to learn more about the design pattern you plan to use.